Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Come fly with me-come fly, fly away

More like, 
"Come shop with me, come shop, shop awaaaaay"
Well, how about some virtual window shopping together with my girlfriends.
You will recognize these places I'm sure.

You're invited.

Check out this beautiful lamp, it has a sweet flower etched into the bubble pattern.

Do you ever do this? Take out a rug with a similar color palette and throw it on the ground and just stand there and look at it?
I do this all the time!
If you do, just make sure you put it back where it was before.
Love the pillow, so smooth but just not as long as I wish it was.
I was thinking for the big grey club chair.

I know you already have an idea of the color I'm most recent attracted to.
Clearly I'm not the only one.
Cerulean Blue
And...it's everywhere!

Ceramic Lamps


Oh can you see this on my mantle?

 Such a gorgeous glass shell, perfect for the summer.

Now I know too many of you who could easily pull off this jar set with your eyes closed and paintbrushes behind your backs.

What can I say about this chair?
Or the artwork behind it.

Now check out the chair behind the piece below.

I guess when the love affair fizzles, 
this is likely what we will all do to our beautiful 
Cerulean pieces? So pretty, but $175? C'mon? 
Did you know Cerulean is the mixture of Copper and Cobalt?
Very earthy.

Now who could not use or wish for a giant metal rooster structure with Cerulean feathers.
Especially everyone raising those beautiful chicks this spring.
Did I ever mention, I had a pet rooster growing up?
He was awesome!

Tell me what you think?
Any retail inspirations?

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