Sunday, March 17, 2013


Forgive Me.

Today is Forgiveness Sunday.
It is a time of re-examination and a time to repent and prepare. How is it different for a Christian than any other day? I suppose it's not, but the hymns of tonight are so beautiful and usher in an excitement, an awe, and a silence-all at the same time. To ask forgiveness of someone is taught when we are little. "Say, you're sorry," "Say, it's ok," "Now go on and play."  Playing nice in the sandbox, sharing and forgiving and even forgetting. It's something we expect of our children, so-why not when we are grown? Are we not all still God's children? Why is so hard for so many?

If there is someone who has done you wrong, say a prayer of forgiveness tonight, whether they are in front of you or not. Whether you can ask them or not.
Play nice-it's a big sandbox and there are big expectations.

Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy on Me a Sinner.

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