Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Contenders for the Valentine Brunch Menu

The Planning of Coffee Hour Continues...

Well I have scoured my pinterest and my cookbooks and finally it is coming down to time.  I have to get everything made by Friday this week as I have an event on Saturday and as usual, I will be short on time. So getting it done between now and then, will be a definite challenge. 

Contenders to make it to the table include,
these two savory dishes Ham and Cheese Spirals and Tomato Basil Quiche.

This tomato basil quiche is from Tartelette, does it not look so delish?

Now onto the Sweets!

There is this strawberry pie with heart shaped crust.
It looks too pretty to eat, from Sweet treats eats.
I'm not sure about a round pie, may go with the rectangular pan
on this one? 

These are my White Choco-Choco Cranberry CookiesThey are easy and yummy.

The Gunny Sack made these adorable Hot Chocolate Ganache Cups.
I can't wait to make these, so creative.
I can't even express my excitement at these,
they make me giggle.
They are soooo cute!

And then there is this Peek a Boo Cake from I Love to Cook
I have always wanted to know how to make this and she gives a great tutorial.
Another giggler for me, thinking of using my Mom's chocolate swirl cake recipe for this.

Cake Balls are always a favorite and I can get started on these this weekend,
as they are easy to freeze and store well.

Greek Shortbread Cookies, heart shaped of course.

Hugs and Kisses Cookies
(these are shortbread, but plan on making them in gingerbread,
who says gingerbread is just for Christmas?)

Fruit Danish- not sure which fruit yet? 
This is a special request, so a must for the table.

Whether to include an assorted cheese plate, fruit kabobs vs yogurt station?
The granola yogurt parfaits were a hit last year?
Just not sure?
What do you think?
Not enough savory, too much sweet, something else more healthy?

Still deciding on the table theme...wanting it to be something bright and happy. 
We have peach, blue and bright green tablecloths available.

In between of the baking, I'm going to have to decide on some table decorations?


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Michelle M. said...

Yum! I love the pie with the hearts on top! How pretty. You can even get children to help make that :)