Friday, January 31, 2014

What does the fox say?

So this handsome fellow lives nearby and just was sauntering through our backyard. 
What does a fox say?
Not sure, there is quite a bit of yipping at night.

This may or may not be the same fox that delayed the kids from coming home last year.
We got a call saying there would be a delay, 
because there was a fox and a bear in the playground.
It's all good.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

They are not doing well but still hoping...

Here we are in 2014 and last year this time I was watching my orchids take off and had a sweet little fern that was doing well. 

This year, perhaps I overwatered, but no orchids at this point, and unlikely at all.  There are no leaves, all gone. And the roots above, all dried up and were brown. Just pitiful. 

I took the root ball and aired it out a bit and cut one of the roots and placed in a second container and then repotted the remainder.  I tried to allow for air and used a mixture of moss/perlite and the original pellets.  The roots below were white and some greenish, but a little soggy. I gave a tiny bit of orchid food and no extra water or ice at this point. Now we wait. Hopefully I did it right, orchids are finicky.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship Webinar Today!

I know, two posts back to back, can you believe it? 
This is too important and a great opportunity, 
that I didn't want to let the chance pass to share it with you.

Join on January 21st at 1:30 (EST) for this free webinar
Topic: Online Safety & Digital Citizenship!

Monday, January 20, 2014

How does your Sunday Start?

How does your Sunday start?
Last year on the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day,
 I had the pleasure to host coffee hour for our Fellowship hour at church.
Sweets for the Sweets!

We had Cake balls, Quiche, Cupcakes, Brownies, Pepperoni/Salami Slices and cheese with crackers and Tarama with bread, Cheesecake cookies, Greek Sugar Cookies, Spanakopita, Fresh Fruit and 
Granola Vanilla Berry Yogurt Parfaits.

I tried to make sure we had a little something for everyone, those who wanted something healthier, those who don't mind indulging, something for the kids, something for those who need some protein, and of course, coffee. Someone else made that for me. Many hands helped,  our community is wonderful and always ready to lend a hand to anyone.

I have this pretty valentine fabric, it's one of my favorites, you can see it in the middle,
I placed cooking pans from the pantry upside-down in order to make some raised platforms.
Heights make a difference, in being able to reach something and in general prettiness.
You can see them in the fall buffet too, remember?

I'm starting to plan, I signed up for this weekend again.
What should I make, hmmm?

Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm back.

2014-The blog has been quiet, so far.  The quiet felt good, but it's also good to be back.  I took a break from a few things, including my knitting, still unable to do that, it's a little tendon overuse issue. 
It has made many things difficult and the typing is hard too. But I was able to turn my focus to many other things that needed me as undivided as I could get. Time...time is always the biggest challenge and prioritizing, as everything is important, or is it?

In general, all is well and I thank God for so many things and especially the people in my life. I am grateful for another year, for the one that is past and the adventures ahead.  I am planning a couple changes for the blog, nothing drastic, but hoping for some more consistency, fun/interesting times and will continue sharing the day. Stay tuned, more ahead.

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Happy New Year!