Monday, March 18, 2013

40 days-40 Lenten Recipes #1 Here WE Go!

Well here we go!
I don't know about anyone else,
 but truly over the years,
 I have developed an excited anticipation for Lent
 and cleaner eating.

So I decided I would like to offer 40 Lenten Recipes.
This is going to be quite a challenge for me.
Posting them, and picking out 40 favorites to share.
A variety will be offered and different levels of "strictness,"
meaning some may or may not have, dairy, fish or  oil.
Obviously, there will be no meat.

Sorry, could not resist the reference.
Just to clarify, No Lamb either.
So to start will refer you back to this post.

Chocolate Orange Cake
This recipe like some others, almost tastes too good and feels too decadent to be considered Lenten.
But it is!
This is going on the table for the reception,
 following Pre-Sanctified Liturgy, 
on Wednesday evening.
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