Monday, March 4, 2013

Secret Storage

How many of you out there do this?
When Christmas shopping, you pick up a little something-something for yourselves.
I saw these and knew I could make them, but took the short cut...
I know slap my hand...
I bought them.

I couldn't resist.
I knew exactly what I would use them and where the second I saw them.
Burlap wrapped faux books with leather decorative stripe 
and lined in black linen-type material.

Inside the top box I keep my paint chip boards,
who doesn't have a stash of these?

The middle has buttons, clasps, etc.
And the last is where I house things like, 
my rotor and paper cutter, glue, magnets,
tape, pencil sharpener and more. 
Things that when I want to do something quick
I do not feel like hunting or going far to grab.

Where do you have your fave craft must-haves?

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