Thursday, March 21, 2013

40 Days-40 Lenten Recipes # 4 Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

You know I've shared that I love coffee.
A special treat is greek coffee.
Many afternoons and evenings have been spent together,
 with friends and family,
 enjoying a cup and time together.
I don't make it just for myself, I've always considered it a social thing.
But here I am, far away from them and missing them "too much".
Not to mention, here we are at the beginning of Lent and I am in need of caffeine.
I can't add the fake stuff to coffee, and I am unable to drink it black.
I was taught to make coffee when I was 10,
by my Pappou (grandfather) who had a Kafeneio (greek cafe) in a little village.
Up to that point I was only allowed with supervision to go fetch water from the well,
during our summer visits.
Being allowed to make the coffee was HUGE!

So choose the demitasse cup of your choice.

Measure a cup worth of water to add to your briki.
And then a heaping teaspoonful of greek coffee, which is powdered/fine.

Add a teaspoon of sugar depending on how sweet you wish it.

The coffee will begin to bubble, watch carefully, 
it will then begin to foam and begin to rise.
Before it rises over the edge, 
remove from heat and pour into cups.

If you have more than one cup evenly pour a little into each, 
so that there is a little foam on the top of each and not all the grinds go into just one cup.
Sit and enjoy.
Remember to take time and enjoy it together.
I will be enjoying mine with you,
as I write my posts.

An interesting article came my way this week, " Consumption of a boiled Greek type of coffee is associated with improved endothelial function: The Ikaria Study," Vascular Medicine, March 18, 2013.
Basically finding a link between boiled greek coffee and longevity and health, due to Greek coffee being different in that it is rich in polyphenals and antioxidants.
Clearly all coffee is not created equal and neither are the health stats.
More studies loom, I look forward to them.


remember to take time and enjoy it together.
I will be enjoying mine with you,
as I write my posts.

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Emily H. said...

Thanks for sharing these recipes! I could use some new ideas to freshen up our menu!

Presvytera Eleni said...

Emily thanks so much! I didn't know if there would be interest, but always can use the help too!