Saturday, March 14, 2015

Raise your Cross

Cross projects are always fun and can be easy or complex.  
This one is very satisfying and easy for little hands.  

I wish I could show you the ear to ear grins.  Once completed these look beautiful in the windows.  Make them with your children at home or at church school. Ours stayed up in the window for the longest time, I think until we moved?

Supplies needed are construction paper, scissors or exacto knife, tissue paper and clear contact paper.
Pair this with a lesson about the Cross and singing the hymn together.  

To make the cross I made a stencil and traced it on the construction paper.  I cut out the cross shape, using plain scissors and making a cut through the paper.  As it will all be placed on contact paper, so the cut won't show. Alternatively you could use an exacto blade/knife to cut just the cross shape.  Then, place a cut piece of clear contact paper on the construction paper, place it on the table with sticky side up and then the fun part. Let the children place their pieces of colored tissue paper at will. 

You now have another option both will work, leave it and hang in the window or place another piece of clear contact paper over the tissue to help preserve the creation a bit longer and better. You may hang this straight on the window or using a suction cup holder, and it makes a great present for that loved elder that may be in your home or in a nursing home.

This is sure to bring a smile, for your older one and your little one.

Either way, RAISE YOUR CROSS! 

Save, O Lord, save Your people and bless Your inheritance; grant victory to the faithful over their adversaries. And protect Your commonwealth, by the power of Your Cross.

Next week will be sharing my fave 20 Lenten crafts!

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