Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sparking the Living Room

Spring is coming, when a young girls fancy turns to sprucing up the place? 
Changing things about?
Time to focus on the living room.  
I love our living room. It is quiet, bright and has become what it was like when I was growing up.
A reading room, reflection and family gathering-discussion spot.
Don't get me wrong, we are BIG talkers in this family. We talk everywhere.
But something about this room, lends to different discussions.  
Sitting in there, always makes me feel peaceful and happy.  
The colors are warm and the furniture not stuffy or overly formal, but comfy.  
I'm trying to add some more grown-up elegant touches as we go, and it truly is a work in progress.  

The color foundation is Summer Corn/Sunflower Yellow and a sweet Slate Grey and some touches of black and dark brown in the furniture.

I also have a whimsical side.
Stripes, Florals, Geometric patterns.

I think you can tell what colors I'm recently attracted to.
My question is how long will THIS color attraction last...

What this palette doesn't show you is my other attraction: texture.
I LOVE texture!
Whether it is the beauty of a wood grain, or stone, brick, fibers...
You name it, I think it's fantastic.

So...this work in progress will remain as such.
I'll add little touches and share with you as I go.

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