Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweatpants: The Makeover?

Ok, I don't normally vent this way. Get ready-here I go.
I am so tired of all these makeover shows on TV.

"You have to put yourself first, not last."
"We're going to have a team do you over!"
"You need to look sexy, and get out of the sweats."

Women's Sweatpants

Women who are at home and at work and running constantly do NOT need one more pressure of needing to focus on their looks more. You want to help someone daytime talk-show hosts-how about providing a years-worth of housekeeping (so someone else can clean some nitty-gritty) or a personal chef, (like all of you have).  Real women have real issues, this pressure is unnecessary! Wouldn't it be lovely to have more time to focus on something useful, healthy, to enjoy doing something you love. I love playing with my child, having more time to sit and play legos with him - is a joy! Wouldn't it be lovely to not have sheer exhaustion at the end of the day, so that you don't fall asleep, as you put your children to bed. Which means you can't get to the 8 things you planned to do, before you actually planned to go to bed. This is real life. And yet, still joyful.

What are we teaching our children when we don't put them first!
When we focus on looking sexy, like this has to be a goal?

The purpose of the makeover show is to help someone's confidence. What exactly does it do to someone when they need a team to complete a makeover. Think about it?

How is being in a tight dress and heels with mall hair going to help anyone on a day to day basis.
Even movie stars are in sweats when not working! Check out any grocery aisle.

Now having said this, I am not against, looking good! I LOVE having a pretty haircut, getting a manicure, pretty outfits, putting a smile on my hubby's face, and clearly making my home beautiful. 

It is a joy to have children, it is a joy to have a partner that loves you no matter what, and bring beauty to your home.  Example: I forgot to put any makeup on, on Sunday, I switched purses, the makeup didn't make the crossover.  When I say any, I mean absolutely nothing made it on, not even eyeliner. My husband still said I looked "lovely".
So there...daytime TV...take that!

Women out there, accept who you are, where you are, and if you like sweats, wear them!
Looking beautiful comes from within, not the sweatpants, or the 4 inch heels.

Enjoy life! Each minute of it is a blessing!
Praise God and Thank Him every minute of the day!

Ok, my little soapbox rant moment is over. Deep breath/sigh, I feel much better now.
Thank you.

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