Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thinking about Window boxes...Christmas

You know how I feel about my window boxes. I have been intensely wanting them to look beautiful and plentiful for the holidays. The last couple years I tried big ornaments and Christmas birdhouses etc. Nothing seemed right. Until this year...

This year I got clever, it takes me awhile. Garlands and fresh greenery were so expensive at the nursery. I looked at the prices and was appalled. Then my thoughts drifted to the our own trees and bushes in the back. "DUH!" How did it take me so long...? So I went and started trimming...see the results. Did I get carried away after I finished the boxes?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Here and Now

Hello there...I'm back.

Well- truly I never left, I've been writing posts several times a day (in my head) and they are really good ones. You the kind that make you giggle as you read them. I'm giggling at least.  The challenge is finding time to put down. The break was necessary and good.

Thank you for checking in, here is a little preview of what has been happening and what is ahead.

What have I done with my window boxes for the season?
It looks gorge and cost less than $5.

We had our annual St Nick Party, loads of fun!