Thursday, November 21, 2013

What to give-what to give?

I love giving. This is something my hubby knew well, when he met me. He understood it even better, when we married too. It's always part of the budget, crafting and gifting. Trust me, the eyes start rolling in July, when I start talking about Christmas. 
Is it just me? I didn't think so?

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my faves today about great ideas to give those who are housebound or in a nursing home.  Things to think about when giving a gift; what would they like? what do they need? what is a luxury? In the end, what would brighten someone's day or bring them a lasting smile?  Being remembered by someone unexpected is always a good feeling.

I love fingerless gloves which can help keep the person toasty, or a fleece wrap.
Although I think anyone of any age would love these!

Pattern Found here on Etsy

Easy Crochet Fleece
Other ideas include,
treats and fresh fruit which are always nice, a small planter or indoor garden, photos and cards. 
Warm socks, warm packs, and warm hugs. 

Anything bird-watching-related is also popular. And why wouldn't it be, they are so fun to watch! 
A great gift can be  bird feeders or as simple as a bottle of birdseed with a bow on it.
I think making a simple birdseed ornaments, with no cleanup to be a great gift.
It's fun to do with the kids and so pretty.
Below are my two favorites!


Fun things in the holidays would include, decorating for someone, whether the porch or a window, use clings, lights, a wreath, anything to make it beautiful.  Remember if you decorate for someone who is homebound or elderly, please, please, please remember to set a time to go back and take it down for them. They should not be getting up on anything to take something down, or worried about it. What would be the point of the gift if it caused more worry. Another thought, singing to them, the old wonderful treat of carolers, it's fun and inexpensive and a beautiful way to connect.

Having listed all these things, let me add the all time best thing!
All time best thing to offer is TIME

There is nothing like time together, whether it's sharing a pot of tea, watching a show together, making small talk, playing cards, or even better, helping them reminisce about the beautiful moments.  I have found that any amount of time offered including a hug, holding hands and a smile is appreciated more than anything else.

So, go get out there
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Prayers and Service

Prayers for strength, mercy and gratitude
after the tornados in the Midwest.
not forgetting those in the Philippines.

Consider if you are able to offer what you can to help others. 
One worthwhile and trustworthy agency is the IOCC- International Orthodox Christian Charities.  As a family or as a youth group you can put together emergency kits to help those in the midst of disasters.  There are so many other ways listed here also to give of yourself and help others.
Pray, Serve, Give Thanks

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Distress and the Unpleasant

“He who endures distress, will be granted joys; and he who bears with unpleasant things, will not be deprived of the pleasant.”
– St. Nilus of Sinai

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Mantle Reveal

I know all of you have been waiting with bated breath for this, right?
What says fall more than carnivorous terrariums?
This is in the center of the room, with a burlap and pumpkin on the tray redo.
Love the simplicity of this look and bringing these together, what do you think?

So here it is!
The Fall Mantle!

It's a little different than when I first started, afterall I was going for a primitive simple look.  I emptied it off and sat there staring at it for a while. Because I have so much time to just sit and stare at my wall, right??  As I sat, I thought about different things I have around the house, in boxes and favorite things.

I brought in one of favorite framed posters, and aspects you can pick out from the fall brunch.  I love the tallness and color of the wheat, and tried to bring some symmetry.  I feel like it turned out pretty elegant in the end. The lanterns are ages old, and I've had out for a while, actually since last Christmas, they have touches of gold on them, as do our little gourds, so sweet.

Initially I had the big metal pumpkin on the outside of the hearth and decided it seemed too cluttered and so moved out the vases and put it on the inside. 
Better, no?

I placed the big acorns, LOVE these!
Surrounded by gourds, a little triptych icon on a runner of burlap.

I actually only used two of them, and
you may also recognize the table runner.
I re-used in the fall breakfast buffet decor.
In the end, it still didn't feel complete.
Something was missing, I finally figured it out, 
it was the icon of the Holy Family and
Now it is right for me.
What have you changed around?
What do you think?

It's always interesting to me how things evolve in our homes.
Sometimes you just have to take a minute and play,
and sometimes it's right the first time.
I prefer to change it up others may keep it the same every year.
What do you prefer?

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