Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stenciling Curtains

I wanted some new curtains, something cheerful, a splash of color.  I searched everywhere, and finally found the inspiration here;

Alas, not in our budget, but I just could not get them out of mind.  You know when you see something and that's it. You could buy something else, but you will always compare it.

Well I then found new inspiration here;

and here;

So I started to plan my own stenciling project.
Here it is!

I started with plain curtains.  I thought about using canvas but found these for a super reasonable $14.99 /pair.   They had a nice bronze antique grommet and a sheen to them.

I ironed them.

I  had some old large boxes and found the right stencil and fabric paints at the craft store, of course, used my coupons.

I started with a sponge dabber. But ended returning to a stencil brush, you know the kind, sorry, didn't get a picture of it.  I think it used less paint, and I like it's handling better.
Sounds like I'm talking about a car, doesn't it.

I ended up needing 4 bottles for 4 panels.  
I mixed satin finish colors,  geranium and tiger lily for an accented effect.

Different people have talked about using the stencil glue, I didn't, just my true blue painters tape.
Make sure that it is flat, you can see a little bubble above, it was flat when painting.
I used another stencil in the same package to help measure.

Here is one all done! The first one took me forever...
Thankfully the remainder went faster.
I ironed them again to heat seal the paint, or you can tumble dry them.

Here the final product! 
I think they turned out pretty good.
Now just have to wait for some bamboo shades to go with them.
Or may be I should just paint my cheap vinyl shades with a faux bamboo look?

Would love to know what you think?

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