Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lenten Spring Mantle Decor

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Need to share and send a shout out to two of my favorite blogs!

First let me thank Christina for the sweet Lamb chatterboxes. I made a few of them and put them in a basket in our church narthex for the kids to take home as a family activity. They were snatched up pretty quickly and enjoyed!  If you haven't seen these, so adorable and a great way to open some sweet discussions with the little people.

Now I wish to thank Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor for posting a free Printable.
 It is so pretty and exactly what I wanted for our Lenten Mantle. 
You can see it below. 

Instead of framing it, although it would look very nice this way, I decided to do something else.
I took the 8x10 and had it blown up to 12x16, it didn't cost much as I had a coupon etc... 
Anyway, once I brought it home, used the old modpodge then a little white paint to blend in the edges. The white paper it was on was significantly bluer than my canvas. Go figure?

When I initially put it up it looked lovely but I felt it was still missing something. I played around with the vases and other things on the mantle. Then, I figured out what was missing for me. So, I added the yellow flowers to match the wall color and bring in the daffodils. I tried to match Kristi's pretty flower design. What do you think?
Too much? or Good Match?

Kristi, I just LOVE it!

Here's the full mantle view.
I can't wait for the Forsythia to be in bloom, maybe should get daisies next?

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