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21 Favorite Ideas to Decorate Easter Eggs

40 Days-40 Lenten Recipes (and more)

So with Easter/Pascha approaching, a girl's thoughts turn to... the eggs of course.
It can't be recipes and food all the time.
I started thinking about all the gorgeous egg tutorials I've seen on Pinterest.
So I thought I'd share some of my favorites and some history I learned, along the way.
Enjoy and then let's get cracking!
Sorry couldn't resist.

Traditionally, Easter Eggs are Red.
Ever wonder why?
If you go here, she has a beautiful post on the origins of the Easter Egg.

Did you know, this is considered the oldest Easter Egg?
It is 500 years old and was found in Liev.
On this site you will also find a great deal of information and assistance in learning Pysanky.
The Ukrainian style of decorating Easter eggs.

More Pysanky seen here. Above is a goose egg, isn't it beautiful.
I love the design and the colors!
Remembering back to high school and we had the opportunity to make these.
I made several and loved every minute of it. The egg was beautiful and I still have the design on a piece of paper. It lasted over 10 years in my parent's dining room, the yolk had hardened into a little ball inside. It was fun to hear it rattle. Lost it to one of the excited littles in the family.
Everything has it's time.

These are mine from last year. I usually start collecting onion skins at the beginning of Lent.
I collect mainly spanish and some red onion skins, 
I bag them while shopping and also place them on the conveyor belt. 
Don't you love how deep the red turned out. I hope they turn out as well this year.
Rub them with olive oil once dry for a little shine.

Aren't these sweet, I love the idea of wrapping them in twine.
Simple and elegant.

Sharpies are everywhere these days and one of the faves of the littles in our lives.
The blending of the colors is just fantastic.

Who doesn't love a little subway art?
I think I would choose Christ, Risen and Truly as the words.
I love how these turned out.

Glitter and below Gold, need I say more?

Above another great egg-tivity for the littles.
Like how I did that?

Can you believe this is even possible?!
Outrageously creative.
How gentle a hand must you have to complete these?

Chalkboard is everywhere, why not on eggs?
This tutorial is from 2012 but I think still relevant.

Taking chalkboard to a new level, add a message.
Smart girls and frugal too.

How much fun are both of these?
Again, a great one for the littles to do.

These are created by an artist Beth Ann Magnuson. 
So creative, delicate and beautiful, I believe these would be heirloom worthy.
What do you think?

I love these for a little more modern feel, color and below for the texture.

Above we have these beautiful hand stamped paper mache eggs,
but I think this would work with boiled too.
French themed-ooh-la-la.
Great site, so much creativity, all her eggs are not just in one basket.

Now back to something more traditional.
I love this idea, either free hand painting them on or I would think decoupage would work?
Anyone know how these were created, the source didn't say.

These Polish eggs are made by scratching the paint off the surface of the egg.
This form is called, Drapanki or Skrobanki
Similar to Pysanky but the opposite.

Leaf Print Eggs

Lastly, these leaf print eggs.
They make my heart smile.

So which eggs are your fave?
What's your plan? Have you been inspired to try something new this year?
Which ones do you think I'll be making here at the Fields?

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