Sunday, April 7, 2013

40 Days-40 Lenten Recipes #21 Healthy Chocolate-Monkey Smoothie

Healthy Chocolate Monkey Smoothie 

Ok, Ok...I know this still has a quite a degree of sugar in it,
but it turns out soooo good.
Recently showed you the recipe for banana sorbet,
have any leftover bananas that are getting a little ripe, this is a great treat.
So we had some sorbet leftover.
Well, actually had to fight everyone off of it,
 as I wanted to save some,
 to make these.

1 cup soy chocolate milk
2 scoops banana sorbet

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Cynthia Landrie said...

I would not have thought this creamy chocolate drink would be healthy! I like the use of soy milk!

I am so glad you shared this at the IN and Out of the Kitchen link party! I can't wait to see what you bring next week.

I am now following you and your social medias!

Cynthia at

Presvytera Eleni said...

Thanks, so happy you are here. I'll admit still kinda new to the social media things, but it's all ways to share, so I'm game!