Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Come over and play in my front garden.

Big plans, big dreams, so little time (short growing season in zone 5), thus a gardener's dilemmas.

I am trying to think out the front garden bed plan a bit more thouroughly.  It has been neglected for some time, really other than weeding, since we moved into this home. I have focused on the rock garden and veggie garden much more.

Let me describe first what I have.  It starts next to the step to the door with an Azalea ( I know right next to the door, I didn't plant it there.  It is pretty but it will get big and it is already more mature than it should be for that spot, I think?)

Below, the Azalea is tons of Lily of the Valley. Yes, it smells beautiful in bloom and it is so pretty. It is also pretty invasive and I started last year by transplanting lots of it to the wooded area in the back.

Just look how much is back in this spot. See the bench I painted in the back? 

Now the row of boxwoods are next, with one sweet miniture rosebush.  You can see it in the picture above. Nothing else, until further down after an old barrel planter.

Then we have a row of hosta (below), planted a foot back and very close to each other and lots of empty space in front of them. Some tulips here and there and an old bleeding heart left from the time the front yard was a shade garden. It is now full sun, due to lots of trees that have had to go, bye-bye.  

Now what do I do?
I know weed. Then weed some more, and still need to add the mulch.

My thought in my mind was to complement our fieldstone walkway with catmint. I love it, it loves sun, and grows quickly and is fairly drought-resistant.  Look how colorful and beautiful!

Dilemma, I love daisies but I see the catmint paired with roses.  Not with daisies, is it because the daisies will not last as long? Perplexed.

Is it paired this way because of the juxtaposition of the formality of roses and carefreeness of the catmint?  Big words eh? Is "carefreeness" even actually a word? I guess it is now because I just used it. Ha!

Back to the actual topic, sorry that was a fleeting thought.
So, are they just always paired because they are just  so beautiful together?

Should I just give in and do roses? Or all three?  (Catmint, Daisies and Roses)
In this picture above they combined roses, salvia, catmint and something green? Not sure what that is, it  is pretty too.

What to do with the hosta? Use it? Keep it in with Catmint and one of the other two?
Or just move it? Time is of the essence as Hosta need to be moved now (already a little late).

Decisions, Decisions? What do you think? I would love the input.
Come over and play in my front garden with me?
Any suggestions?

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