Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Bloomin?

Bloom Day May 2014
It's the 15th of May and so time for a little lookie-lookie at what's in bloom in my garden. If you would like to see more from last year's garden, or some of my favorite gardens, last year I featured "How does your Garden grow Mondays" you can also look here and here.

There is lamb's ear that is off to a good start and lupine newly added not taking very well.  If you look past some of the weeds, there are columbine sprouts that have emerged.  It's a late start but a start all the same. The garden here is zone 5 is at least a month behind, sadly that doesn't mean I am anymore ahead in weeding. "It's all good."

Mr. Wooley Thyme is bright and fuzzy, many know I love texture. My garden as you can tell is no different. Isn't it sweet!

Now check out the dew this morning on my favorite Hosta.  I love the blues within this type of Hosta. I think this is Deja-Blue or Benedict Arnold or another one? I think it is so pretty. Hues of blues and greens edged with lime. I have a row of these lining our porch. It has the morning sun which it loves!

If you love hosta's like I do, here is another great resource, I recently found.  It's the Hosta Library! Whoohoo!

Last, I'm going to share from my 'Yummy Garden', this is the name I chose for my new Pinterest Board about things to grow and eat, hence the yummy, I know you get it.  Pop over and follow along either on the blog or Pinterest or both!  

Here is the only thing actually IN my yummy garden presently. I put the strawberries in the hanging planter this year.  I had it on the shade porch for a bit to acclimate and now has moved to full sun.

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Håkan Gidestrand said...

Just Lovely :)
and do not miss...


it is FUN :)
Håkan, The Roseman

Swimray said...

Thank you for the hosta library. I just did an exhaustive search on an iris library and believe found my unnamed iris. Now, I can do the same for some of my hostas. Strawberries in a basket sounds great, since squirrels and birds like my strawberries, too.

Anonymous said...

I adore wooly thyme and I had some for years in my front garden. I would shear it 2x/yr and it spread to a large clump. Then I think it suffered too much drought and has been gone for a while. Now that I've seen your beautiful specimen to remind me, I'll have to go hunting for another start.
I also love your lupine and lamb's ears!