Friday, May 9, 2014

Look who's here

It's not who's at the feeder but this medium sized fellow in my azalea.  Hadn't seen him before?  Juncos are gone but these are here now.  Pretty greys with a black cap. Foraging below the bushes with some mates.  

Looked him up, turns out it's a Gray Catbird. Now, I have seen the Cowbirds, and have heard our Catbirds but this is the first time I actually saw him. Apparently, they can be elusive.  Have to add him to my life-list.

Another suprise this spring has been, Mockingbirds.  They are unusual here in the Northeast? At least, I have not heard them in my neighborhood before.  They are soooo loud, ALL NIGHT LONG.  Oh my gosh...seriously, listen here for an idea of what it's been like. Still haven't seen them, but we hear them.  They must have a nest nearby, I think they're lost?

On another sweeter note, our hummingbirds are back, and loving the new feeders. It seems like it took them a long time, so happy they are back, they sure make me smile. 

Who's been around your backyard?

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