Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday #1

It's the fourth Wedsnesday of the month and so I am joining  Kathy Purdy over at Cold Climate Gardening, to look at one of my wildflowers for Wildflower Wednesday.

To be honest, it's not around? Where did it go? I transplanted some to the wood edge last fall. But am not seeing it there. Has the weather been too labile? I wouldn't suspect a wildflower would care that much, they tend to be so hardy.  When we moved to this home, this was one of the main flowers in the garden.  I loved it although it took me awhile to identify it.  For now, I'm still waiting for my Spiderwort.  The white iris has grown stalks but no buds yet.  Funny, this year I may have roses before the Spiderwort or Iris to bloom.  I have yet to see any of the Trillium from 2 years ago either.

On another note, I acquired some common milkweed and tropical milkweed seeds.
Trying to figure out where I should plant them, they will be planted to try to help our poor monarch population. Our little girl hummingbird is also looking pretty large this week, likely going to drop an egg soon?

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