Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So much for Fall Decor

I've already shared how much I like outdoor fall decor.
We have our pretty fall wreath and every year I hang dried corn.
I've had one set of dried different colored corn for many years.
I love the pretty colors.
It has kept so well and why change something that works well.

We had pumpkins sitting outside and I was deciding on their display. 
In the meanwhile, just appreciating their natural simplicity.

Someone else was appreciating their natural beauty too!

Look how much!

When I say appreciating, I mean really APPRECIATING!

What's left of my beautiful corn, 
two different displays taken right off the hooks on the walls!
I hope it doesn't make them sick,
yet Hijinks seems no worse for wear.

I have never had a squirrel eat through a pumpkin?
They are on a mission around here.
How are things around you?

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