Thursday, October 4, 2012

Easy flag banner

Flag banners are all the rage, for our most recent celebration, 
I wanted to add some to the backyard tree line.  Something fun, something colorful, something cheap, something not too time-consuming.  

Have I mentioned before my sewing skills are minimal, I'm sure I have.  
It's on my to-do list.  
I've made fabric banners in past, 
I will admit last one was made with stitching glue, 
yes, stitching glue and proud of it!
It worked just right.
I use that flag banner on almost every family celebration and sometimes just for fun.

Anyway, back to this years decorations, needed something not time or cost consuming, after looking at some options decided on my materials.  

Scissors, hole puncher, paper cutters,
 twine from hardware store and colorful cardstock paper.  

First I measured the trees the easiest way I could, 
I tied one end of twine to one side and strung it across to the other tree.  
Cut the twine.  
I cut the cardstock into triangles as large as possible and making two on each sheet. 
It went pretty fast.
Then using hole puncher, punched two large holes on each and passed twine through each. Day of event we strung them up and spaced the flags apart, placed a paperclip so they wouldn't twirl or move side to side.  They turned out pretty good.  Added the color needed,  for under $8.

Then while I strung them and when it was time to take down and then re-string for a later occasion, used a piece of cardboard to wind it up and keep it from tangling.

The birds and pigs made more of the decorations, as well as the Birdy Bags and the Birthday water and the Toothpicks.

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