Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Angry Bird Party Slingshot

Making the slingshot, not as difficult or as costly, as I had initially thought it might be.
Used 2 boxes (6 tension elastic exercise bands) found for $5 each box and had 2 bungee cords and last used a mesh laundry bag from the dollar store for the middle.
Wrapped bungee cords around the trees, tied double bands to bungee cord then to red band, which was in turn tied to laundry bag.  Made two holes on each side so it made a small basket/cradle for the birds.

This was fun for young and old.

It also turned out to be fun exercise, 
pulling the tension on the slingshot and of course going and gathering up the birds and pigs after complete annihilation was achieved and then setting up for another round.
You look over here to meet the rest of the birds and pigs.

This was so much fun.  
Kids had a great time, and we did it again for our church youth group. 
It's easy to set up for us now, 
and when the weather is good, we have taken it out several times to play. 
It's a great way for some family fun and to get the kids off the electronic game. 
Another plus was we were able to incorporate some physics/critical thinking discussion into it and no one was the wiser (shhh!) We were just having fun-right??

Do I hear a cheer for fresh air!

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