Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smores Angry Bird Cake

Usually I make the cake from scratch, including all the icing. 
Last year, I was feeling overwhelmed and ordered the base of the cake from a big box store.
Then we followed our tradition of decorating the cake together.

This year the decision was chocolate and from a mix.
I wanted to add something special and for the cake to be a little thicker/dense.
What I did to accomplish this was mix, cake and brownie.
Followed the directions for each, then mixed them and baked. It worked exactly right.

For the something special, I wanted to make it a smores cake, I did this by adding a layer of marshmallow creme, icing and angry bird graham crackers.

Then added the second layer and iced again.
We then had fun decorating with angry bird figures and candy.
To make the pig structure, 
we used mini Kit Kat and mini Aero bars, 
both imported from Canada, as these are peanut-free there.  
(Not made in factory that also processes peanut products)

I thought about using the Toothpicks to help with the cake decoration. But then decided to just use the game we already had.
The yellow bird is on a stick to make him look like he's flying!
After the candles were out, then bomber bird was flung, the cake was cut.
A hit!

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