Saturday, May 23, 2015

Patriotic Hosta

Big Hosta divided.

Did this actually on Memorial Day Weekend last year! 
But just getting to post about it now.

When working on the front garden beds remember the big hot mess it was?
Trying to tidy it up and make room for the catmint, 
had me needing to work something out.

Well, I worked it and removed a huge hosta, I think it's called Patriotic Hosta.

I divided it into 7 pieces.
Yup that's right!
I got 7 new hostas to grow from one!
Yippee, nothing like free plants, eh?

So I started a new bed, because there isn't enough to take care around here. I placed them below our giant oak that had some pitiful pachysandra that didn't coordinate with anything else in the back since we had to get rid of all of the thick pachysandra surrounding the house.  

Here is their progress, so far this year.

I am also planning on adding some red rock around it a bit too, like the flower garden, not structured but more free.  

There is also a little beebalm, we'll see about other plantings. It has enough sun for now, in 5 years it might not. Hmmm. 

Any suggestions?

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Emily H. said...

I love it when you can divide your plants and get MORE of them! Cool!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I like that too! xoxo Su