Friday, May 15, 2015

The Return and Bloom Day Combined

One nice thing of returning after a trip, 
is that sometimes something you have been waiting for, happens.

Our sweet hummingbirds have returned. There are three of them, two girls again and one boy who are frequenting the feeders. This year they are doing something new...

It is so sweet they are resting not up in the oak tree, but in the blooming azalea.
Here are a couple of pics.

They are so sweet and the colors of the azaleas this year are so vivid, after this long...long winter.

They do make me smile.

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Rose said...

Wonderful photos of the hummingbird! Our first hummingbird sighting was two weeks ago, but I still haven't gotten a photo of them. It always make me happy to see them return every spring.

Presvytera Eleni said...

Thanks, it's fun to photograph them when I can catch them. They are fast, but I love that they are lingering more now.