Monday, May 18, 2015

If you're Greek...time to start thinking of festival season.

If you're Greek...or even if you're not...
it's time to start thinking of festival season.

Yes indeed it is.

If you are Greek or belong to a Greek Orthodox Church you know exactly what I mean. As soon as Easter/Pascha has been celebrated... the baking begins!

What are classic parts of the festival, other than the fantastic time with each other?

Well, there's the food.

And then there's the food.

Umm, did I mention the food?

There's the dancing and music.

Then, there's the Agora (the village store). 

 It is so much fun browsing the food items imported from Greece, hard to find at your local grocery unless you have a greek grocer.  Seeing the jewelry, and the fun items like mugs and tshirts, then the beauty of the ceramics and icons.  

It brings me back to my childhood and our trips to visit our Yiayias' and Papous' (grandparents).  

I can never leave empty handed. You may remember the awesome olive oil soap that I love, here's your chance to get some!

If you need, I know a new supplier who can help you with whatever you wish to carry in your store. He gives special festival pricing, so connect with Greg and see how he can help your church.

Go check it out

If you are not Greek, you will be the entire time you are at any festival. If you go to a festival you automatically become family, THAT is GREEK HOSPITALITY.

Look at your local listings and find a church near you, festival season is upon us!

OPA! I will not be cooking dinner on a Saturday from May through October. YIPPPEE!!!

Looking ahead if you can't make it to a festival I will be sharing a great recipe for spanakopita soon.

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