Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sandwiches anyone?

Hello my friends, excuse my absence...
life occurs and my attention has been needed elsewhere.

One day I may share it all with you, 
but for now I will catalogue the last 3 weeks in our family as: 

one set of crutches
one emergency room visit (should of been two)
one hospitalization
numerous Xrays and CTscans of various body parts of different individuals
two surgeon appointments 
and a (YEH!) one new rolling walker

Needless to say, my sweet sister and I feel like this


Yes, a sandwich with a bite taken out for good measure.
Most appropriate image I could find.  We both need a vacation.

Sometimes, I feel like we are way too young to have to deal with everything we need to handle and at other times I don't know life to be any different.  God has given us many blessings, and I count my sister, as one of the biggest ones. 

There is a cliche that "everything happens for a reason", who knows where this cliche came from?  

I often hear it in reference to God and to give us Epomoni or Strength/Endurance to deal with a life circumstance.  If there is a reason, it may be to just hear my mother's words echo in my mind, does that happen to you too? 

Not my mother's words of course, but your own Mom's?

I often smile that she would laughing to know this and happy to be so right. 
The words I hear echo are " work it out you two, one day you will only have each other.

Like most siblings, our younger days were loving but at times challenging, by being at different developmental stages that truly were in opposition with each other. 

I'm happy to say we are both blessed to not be alone but truly our relationship has grown and blossomed in such beautiful ways, as we need to face the world and support each other over the years. My life could not be what it is without her sacrifices, love and support.

Sister Love.

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