Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Stephana

I love weddings, 
which is a good thing because we get asked to attend many.
I had the great honor and privilege to be Koumbara (sponsor) to a beautiful couple, 
they recently celebrated their  2nd Anniversary.
Wishing you Many Years!
At the time, a dear sweet friend and Presvytera taught me how to make the stephana.
These were the result.
Made with love and good wishes, simple and sweet.

Thought I would share what she taught me.

First gather your materials.
Floral wire
White Floral tape
Pretty flowers, beads, pearls, picks
White ribbon, thin for wrapping and a little wider for the shared ribbon.

Wrap the floral wire to make the wreath shape and measure to make sure it will fit.  It doesn't have to encircle a person's head but it shouldn't be so small that it will likely fall off either.
Then wrap with floral tape.
Now it gets fun.
Start with your floral picks, pearls, flowers etc. hold each one and start wrapping white ribbon, which will hold each one in place and decorate the wedding wreath. Once finished, one ribbon end will come from the first stephani (wreath) and you may make a simple knot to the other to join them. 
I slipped in a few sewn stitches for extra security.
May God Bless the Happy Couple for Many Years.

Traditions are different what to do with the Wedding Crowns following the wedding. 
What I have experienced most is that they are placed either in a display box of their own 
or with an icon and placed on the wall of the family altar, or in the master bedroom.   
Later in life, I have seen families,
pass the wedding crowns to grandchildren 
and have also seen them placed with a person at final rest. 
It's all beautiful. 

Share the Day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a great story.

The crowns look beautiful. I recently handmade wedding crowns for a family member and it meant so much to see the couple wear them during the church ceremony.

I have started my own handmade crowns on etsy, my love for Greek wedding traditions has grown as i become older.


Presvytera Eleni said...

Thank you Maria. I visited your shop, your stephana are also very beautiful. I do think it's adds to the day to have them handmade with love.