Saturday, January 19, 2013

Feeling Dull

In the past week I've been feeling not quite right?
Nothing to panic over, just a feeling of a haze, 
a little foggy, not as much perk in my step.
I am getting everything done, the basics, 
but it all just feels dull.

On a brighter note,
we recently saw a friend who gave us a wonderful treat.
Coffee from Minnesota, oooh does it make me smile.
IT IS DELICIOUS! Trust me, this house LOVES coffee.
I don't know about you, we make it twice a day, and
have tea in the evening, and still sleep fine.
That's another thing, I am falling asleep so much earlier?

Anyway, to try to make the treat last longer,
 I've been adding a scoop or two to our regular stuff.  
Sometimes even splitting the number of scoops by half, 
so it's more of the good stuff taste.

Last night IT HIT ME! I realized what has been wrong.
I can't believe I didn't see it before, you know the feeling.
Scroll back and look at the picture again, notice anything?

Here let me clarify where to look.

Here's the answer, it all makes sense now.
I am back on the full deal, and the world looks brighter again.
Still using this awesome gift, but now only at night,
who can argue with more sleep?

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