Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feastday Mantle

When we started decorating for feasts this year, we decided to incorporate some of our icons. 
In the front you will see the sweet icon of the Annunciation with St. Vasilios behind, then St, Nicholas, the Holy Family, St. Spyridon followed by the Icon of Theophany.
Above is the Icon of the Theotokos of Vladimir.

Everything on the mantle has meaning and significance and make me smile.
Below is a basket with all our Christmas books to be shared.  I keep them all together and pack them away together each year.  We are always excited to see them when it's time.

Having them on the mantle this year, feels like it brought them even closer.
Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy,
and our sweet Saints pray for us all.
Happy Feast Day, Xronia Polla!
To all of us but esp. to all with the name Vasilios and Vasiliki, Basil and all the variations.

Happy New Year!
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