Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Look who visited

It has been so very quiet here on the bird front.
Probably because it is so very cold.
We got a new feeder.

Isn't it pretty.
No one has visited it yet.
But this little fellow visited the old one.
He stayed very briefly.
I want to get a bird bath, but don't want to run a cord out to it, so it doesn't freeze.
Hmm, maybe they make solar ones?
Wonder how hard that would be to make?

Can anyone name this little backyard friend?
Or have any ideas on the birdbath?
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Matushka Anna said...

I feel sure there are solar warmers for bird baths. Oddly enough, that's not something we have to worry about down here in the tropics. (c; We've had a lot of birds, mostly cardinals and pigeons, but lately the chickadees have started a comeback. Then, naturally, the squirrels always have a good time. I never scare the squirrels off because I like watching them. (: So do our cats. The youngest cat likes to sit in the window seat (the feeder is just outside) and try to sneak up on the birds and squirrels through the window. The other cats are too jaded to try it. They just glare at them.

Anonymous said...

My guess is an Eastern Female Bluebird! Cute all puffed up like that.