Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Make your own water bottle labels.

Well if you are wondering how I've been doing on my projects and where I've been, 
I'm here, 
nose to the craft mat.  

We have had some great fun and celebration, esp in planning one our infamous birthday parties.  We have picked the theme this year to be....drumroll please......ANGRY BIRDS.

So after some great ideas from other parties with similar themes, we decided what to do, which included food, decorations, goody bags and of course a Giant Slingshot with Lifesize Game outside.

I'll show you how we did it all.
Let's start with the water bottle labels!

First, using my document maker I made two sizes of rectangles measuring 8.4in x1.32in for the standard tall bottle and 7.88in x 1.79in for the shorter kid-size water bottles.

I designed my labels and added some clipart.
I then printed 4 labels to each piece of paper and then cut them out.

Once cut, I stretched my clear packing tape across the paper label on my cutting mat (it's easier to remove from the mat versus the table, trust me)

Then it's time to attach to the bottle.
Carefully find the ridges and encircle the bottle and press down.


You can make these for any occasion, or holiday.  
Recently made some for our church youth group get-together.
Some effort, not costly, big impact.

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Matushka Anna said...

Such a CUTE idea!! So applicable to just about anything!