Sunday, September 30, 2012

How many Blue Jays can you see?

How many Blue Jays can you see?

How many blue jays can you see,
Sitting in this old elm tree?
Can you count them before they fly?
Let’s see if you can give it a try.

I see one jay on a limb.
He may fly away on a whim.
Number two is chirping loud.
Another’s strutting his feathers so proud.

I see three jays in a row.
Four if you count the one moving to and fro.
Five blue jays have beaks open wide.
That doesn’t leave much for a worm to hide.

Six fine birds with feathers of blue,
Watch an owl that’s going “Hoot!”
One more to go, that’s all of them now;
Looking down at a big black cow.

Can you count them by yourself too?
There are seven blue jays, not two.
Hurry, they’re going to fly away soon;
Maybe all the way to the moon.

Margo Fallis

The Hummingbirds may have started their migration, but these are still visiting.

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