Friday, September 28, 2012

Angry Bird Toothpicks and Memo Pads

At the recent Angry birds party, I reused certain items for decor, namely, I printed out clipart faces on paper used for mailing labels 8.5x11 adhesive paper.
Then using my paper cutter cut out the sizes needed.

I folded the stickers over on paper party toothpicks. I found these at the discount market, they were rock party themed, which didn't matter, because I was covering them. They were $0.40! 

Here's how we used the flags.
Yum, marshmallow treats, aka "bird food."
Cute, right?

Same discount market had memo pads for 4 for $1. 
I used double sticker length to cover the memo pad writing on the front, 
this idea was seen here.
These were for the goody bags.

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Matushka Anna said...

This may sound funny, but I keep seeing "Angry Bird" stuff online and I have no idea what it is! We're farther outside of popular culture than I realized! Everyone seems to like it so maybe I'll poke around a bit and find out what it is... (: