Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Have a seat

I recently realized on a little introspection, (well actually it was looking at my pictures from the fair last year), that I have an affinity for chairs.  Yup, you read it right. I like chairs. In fact, I really like chairs. Chairs of all types, sizes, shapes, colors...it really doesn't matter. For some unknown reason, I like chairs. It's not anything creepy, just a real appreciation for this type of furniture.

I sometimes wonder what it was like when someone invented the first chair. The earliest would of been stools like tree stumps, logs and rocks. When someone figured they could make it light and mobile, what a stunning revelation? Simple and yet how much we take these for granted? A comfortable place to sit. It's important. This is what is considered organic in chair design now.



One of my absolute earliest memories in fact, involves a chair.  It was a child size wooden chair that was in our first house.  My parents were always impressed when I described the room, as I was less than 3 years when we lived there.  But I can remember the color of the room and that little chair.

Since then I have had many chairs.  I seem to acquire them quite easily and at yard sales I have to hold myself back on purchasing, as we really have plenty of places to sit already.

Can you stand how beautiful this chair is? Found in architectural digest.


Here are some of the chairs I was attracted to at the fair last year.

These are so cool!

I got in trouble for raising my camera to photograph these.  The owner of the booth informed me of proper etiquette.  I did get permission in the end, I simply liked the lines. It's not like anyone hasn't thought of painting furniture white and changing the cushions before?  All the same, I appreciate her effort and my schooling. So noted. For those of you who do exhibit, do you get offended when someone wishes to photograph pieces? 

Wouldn't you love to have these gorgeous chairs on your patio? Love the color, the metal and they were uber comfortable too.  I took a pic of these to send to my husband, it was a no. But I still like them. Retro but super in, in my book.

While shopping, here are some others, that have caught my eye in the past. These were from my wistful blue phase. It's the lines and color, that I find so pretty. On further reflection though, I have painted these colors onto furniture quite a bit in the past.

Here is a makeover I did in my first apartment. Making over my parent's patio set.


So I wish I could say that in the past few weeks I have been busy painting more chairs that are sitting and waiting. But I can't.  In fact, although its been a busy summer, painting has not been part of it. There are plenty of things that need my attention, sadly, it's all going to have to continue waiting. There have been other things taking the front seat. (Like the pun? You know me, couldn't resist.)

So I will be content with my Pinterest chairs, I have a board just for them.  This is when Pinterest really does come in handy, when you just want to look, be inspired and dream. Where have you been sitting this summer?

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Alex L said...

I have been sitting on my comfy chair; outside on my comfy deck chair and alot of car seats...lol I also have a love of chairs. Loved the wood one!!!