Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garden Bloom Day on 15th

Yes here it is the 17th and things have been so busy I actually missed posting on the actual Bloom Day. So here is a late post to join in the fun and a peek into my cottage garden.

Beebalm is gorgeous this year. Given to me by a dear friend from her garden and is doing beautiful and  its aroma is lovely, complementing the peppermint that grows nearby. I know its invasive but I love it , what can I do?

My other favorites are doing well too, daisies, lillies and the yarrow. Here comes the sun.  Here you can see the birdbath from last year too and the new addition a butterfly feeder. They too like it, but so do the ants. What I thought were red hot pokers have turned into what I think is purple liatrus? See it in the front?

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