Saturday, August 11, 2012


Woodpeckers are fascinating. 
They scurry up and down the trees looking and listening for their meal, of course just like them, you can hear them before you can spot them.  
In the springtime, before the leaves really were starting to bud, our woodpeckers arrived, drumming. 
As the summer has progressed we have  
seen three different kinds of woodpeckers.  
We have a large wood pile, waiting to be stacked,  our first bird seen seemed to really like this spot.
I think she is a she, and is a hairy woodpecker from her markings.  
She was mesmerizing to watch, as she would drum and then lift her neck up high to swallow.  

This type is a pretty common variety, did you know there are over 20 kinds of woodpeckers?

The females don't have any red in their cap.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures.

We have also seen the Pileated woodpecker, the kind with a red crowned cap, he was rather large, and around for a while, but hasn't visited for some time. 

Red-Bellied Woodpecker 
I wonder what we will see as we approach the fall season?

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