Monday, August 27, 2012

Vesper Sparrow

Our backyard has so many birds, it has started a new interest for our family. 
Sometimes we get to see the little wonder and try to name them, sometimes though we can only hear them and so we are trying to learn to identify calls.  
There are many sites that exist to help in this task. 
One we use is enature, while looking, we noticed the vesper sparrow. 
We pondered, why is named this, does it live close to church? or sing when we are in vespers?
In our reading we found out.
Yes it does, it sings in the evening.

Looking below, we thought these might be them?

We looked here and then here.

So are these Vesper Sparrows?

No, we think just House Finches, but still welcome on the feeder.

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