Friday, August 3, 2012

Marine Silhouette Art

I had seen a lobster silhouette framed picture at a home decor store 
and thought it would be perfect to match this blanket.
The store wanted $30 for the one piece of art.  
It didn't take me a minute to say, "please, I can do that."

So I searched for clip art of fish/marine silhouettes.
I sized them to fit inside some square frames ($9.99/each) found on sale 
and printed them out on white cardstock paper.
The four favorites were chosen.

I set to cutting them carefully out.  
The jellyfish was the most challenging.

Then I glued them black side down on colored cardstock.

When I was all done, here is what it looks like.
I'm not sure if I will keep them in a row or put them in a square pattern.

Have to try it out and see.

So, for $40, some cardstock that was already on hand and a little ink.
I made 4 pieces of art. 
I'm pretty happy.

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