Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where are they?

Ok, I'm very new to this bird-watching, and it shows.  
I have no idea where our sweet birds went? 

The robins are around but not much, no woodpeckers, no orioles, haven't seen the cardinals in over a week. Haven't heard our owls, heard a blue jay a couple days ago, and even the sparrows are quiet.
I can hear thousands of crickets and cicadas but during the day, so quiet, eerie.  

I went ahead and splurged on a new hummingbird feeder, as 'Hijinks' the squirrel took the other down and dragged it through the yard again.  We have seen both the female and male coming to feed a couple times already today.

Thanks to Kate St. John at Outside my Window, I feel a little better.
Maybe our friends are all on the nest again?

Here is one of our sweet doves, saying Good Morning.
I have seen them, but again, very little.

It's amazing how much you can miss them,
when most of us go through our day, not even noticing them.

How many other things do we miss?

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