Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thinking about Window Boxes: Part Two

So, I have been trying to make window box plantings last for quite a while.  They always die. They dry out because it is just too hot in the full sun, etc. It's been quite pathetic.  

I have these beautiful window boxes and have had to put (dare I say it)...fake flowers in them.  Yes, I succumbed to fake flowers last year. There are no pictures.  I wish I could erase the memory of it.

Don't think less of me? Are you? Maybe just a little? It's ok.

So as I was getting ready this winter for planning my 10 weeks of blissful gardening.  Yes, I dream of my garden - all winter long.  Hence the garden journal this year. So I made a pinterest board called Through the glass.  Here are some faves, that I was considering for inspiration.

This a gorgeous springtime collection for a flower box.
My guess is to start planting them in the fall for the spring ahead?
Anyone done this?
I have done bulbs in containers before, you can see my attempt here.
Definitely, one to consider.

Love this for a shady box.

Ah, succulents they look so hardy and full and delicious.
I wouldn't eat them, you know what I mean, their name suits them.

In a few days I'll show you what I finally decided to do this year.

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