Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fields of Basil and Light

Today is May 21st, and it is the day, we celebrate Saints Constantine and Helen. Saint Constantine was victorious in battle after seeing the cross in the sky made of light, with the words, "NIKA," meaning "with this you will be victorious." Saint Helen, his mother and my own patron saint, raised her son in a christian atmosphere which was not popular at the time and set out to find the true cross. 
She found it in a field of basil. 

This year as I was at vespers, I was blessed to be in a church of Saint Constantine and Helen. It  felt so  peaceful to me. During the service, I kept thinking about how beautiful it must have been, to be in the field of basil and to find the cross. This led me to thinking about how each of at times struggles in our lives, and how sweet it feels when that burden is lifted like the cross in the field, as it's lifted the sweet aroma wafts up and around you, encircling you like an embrace. The cross is one of sacrifice and love and each of us has our own to carry, but we can love each other and in those moments there is the beauty of the light and the sweet aroma of blessings. 

Sweet blessings to all celebrating today!
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