Monday, May 13, 2013

Now this is taking a step further...

We never had birds growing up, well we did have a rooster but he doesn't count. 
We never had caged birds, that is. 
Recently was visiting someone special in rehab and look what they had near the elevators? 
It struck me as pretty unusual but perhaps it's not.  
I had just never seen a Bird Terrarium of this sort. 
Have you?

I'm pretty sure these are finches, but not sure what type?
Any ideas?

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Cranberry Morning said...

Yes, I have seen those, and aren't they wonderful! The nursing home where my dad spent his last years had an aviary. It was such an enjoyment for the residents. Only once, when I was reading a book to my dad and the parakeet keep squawking at me (competition). It was hilarious.

Presvytera Eleni said...

So funny, what a sweet memory. I didn't know they were called aviaries. Thanks so much.

Emily H. said...

What a neat idea! When I had parakeets as a kid they were kept in the typical wire bird cage. They got seeds everywhere!! A glass enclosure would cut down on the mess!

Kataa ღ said...

These should be a society finches. I love these birds. :)

Presvytera Eleni said...

Thank you Kataa, I wasn't sure, they were much fun to watch. I remember my Yiayia's sister (Grandmother's sister) having little finches at home, nesting and such but didn't remember them to look like these. Hers were smaller. I am going to have look up the society finch.