Saturday, February 16, 2013

I can't believe it didn't die

As you know I like to garden.  I do ok outside, you might in even remember last summer I had some beautiful results.  Indoors, is another story.  I have managed to lose every houseplant, tree, african violet, cactus, etc...

So, you can imagine my surprise this year, which became an excellent Valentine bonus.

I had little hope for this pretty and sweet orchid given by a dear friend last spring.
Once the blooms were gone and the stalk dried out, I was like, now what?
But I kept putting ice cubes every week, like the instructions had said.
Then just after Christmas I noticed tiny buds.
Can you see them?

This was February 13th.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Good Morning Sunshine!


There's hope for me yet!
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