Sunday, February 24, 2013

No Mess Cupcakes

Things have been so busy around here, I've barely been able to catch my breath!
Forgive the slow and few posts.

I have a lot of projects all in the air, and unfinished, slowly they are getting there and will be ready to share them with you!

Trying to get as much done as possible and still get ready for Lent.

  Meanwhile, I hit upon a idea that made me giggle with how easy it was, 
and how it helped things stay tidy.  

I used my little pot to pour the batter into the baking cups.
I cannot believe I had not thought of it earlier.
The pot itself is called a "Briki" in Greek and is used traditionally for making greek coffee.
It comes in varying sizes depending on how many coffees you are making, and has a long handle.
Many afternoons have been spent drinking it with my family growing up, fun talks and lots of laughing.
Those times are so missed, and living far from them is not easy.
But, I am so blessed for my little family and our life together. 
I am not complaining, just a little self-indulgent reminiscing.

Anyway, look at how easy to pour, and photograph at same time!

Look! Nice and Neat!
I love it when I hit on something that makes for easier cleanup.

And this is how they turned out.
Not the best decorating I've ever done, but delish all the same.
All were chocolate cupcakes with the front ones having pink frosting and sprinkles
and the back, a soft pink meringue cookie, added by some melted white chocolate.
Recently I hosted a Valentine Inspired Coffee Hour at church, 
you may remember some of the same treats from my past tea party.

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