Monday, February 4, 2013

Fleece Crochet

Ok, I love fleece , the way it feels, it brings back a child comfort.
Making fleece blankets is so easy, esp. for kids.
We've made scarves, blankets, shawls this winter.

So sometimes we knot, above we knotted it short on one side, to make it look like a bow tie.

Sometimes we weave it, it's like crocheting it.
This here is the other side of shawl.
I learned it here, Lynn you are a genius!

And sometimes I fringe it.
Definitely easy.
Chunky fringe, thin long fringe, depends?
For a family picture this past Christmas, 
I made green scarves for the guys and the patterned one for the girls in the tribe.
Not perfect, but didn't Voltaire say, "Perfect is the enemy of the good."
There's no Nirvana fallacy in this house.

Lots of fun!
I think I'm going to get some Valentine fleece, who couldn't use a heart scarf?
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