Saturday, December 29, 2012

Forever in the Heart

From the Ministry of Health Slovak Website
This sculpture was made by Martin Hudáčeka of Banska Bystrica and dedicated to the unborn and the mothers that are forever changed and forever keenly aware of the value of human life.  The first time I saw this sculpture, I cried for a solid hour, I found it so moving. I thought of all the mothers whose arms are empty and who ache to hold their children.

Little Soapbox moment: Loss is painful, Loss is hard, Loss is not fair. Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss whatever you wish to call it, is all of these.  Losing a child at any age is like this. There are no answers and even when there are, they are never sufficient as a piece of your future is forever missing.  A piece of your heart is gone.

Having said this, with a heart full of compassion and love, Abortion is not loss, it is a choice.  No matter how many try to "reframe" it into being the same as pregnancy loss.  It is NOT the same. Pregnancy loss has no choices. Healing after making this choice, just as making other choices, is possible. If you choose to reframe choosing abortion into pregnancy loss, what healing is felt, what healing is possible when you lie to yourself?  I have known women who have spent their entire lives lamenting their decision to end a life. True healing for those who have chosen this road can be possible, but just like healing from other choices, one must first acknowledge it and it's truth.  

Seek out a spiritual father, there is hope.  

For those considering it, please consider another choice, a loving choice, a choice for life and respect, 

As painful as it can be to make this loving plan, and it is painful for all sides, it is less painful than the other choice.  There is pain, there is a sense of loss for both mothers the one placing and the one accepting.  It takes a strong woman to acknowledge this and to go against society's push to end things quickly, to move forward, to hide a pregnancy, and to choose destroying a life.  It takes a strong woman to acknowledge her limits.  It takes a strong woman to love another person so deeply, and to accept the limits in their world as part of God's will. I have known women on all sides.  It takes a strong woman to choose adoption. The women whose children were massacred by Herod, had no choice, only loss and pain and grief.

There are no easy choices. But out of pain, there can be JOY!

Adoption is LOVE and TRUTH and LIFE. 

It is another gift from GOD. 

The choice is yours.
Empowered Women CHOOSE ADOPTION.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness do I love your blog. I couldn't agree with you more and have not heard this message so well put. Love to you and the family!


Presvytera Eleni said...

Thank you for the sweet response. It means a great deal.

Mat. Eufemia said...

Thank you for this post! I translated it into Romanian.
May God blesses you and your work!
Love in Jesus Christ (:
Mat. Eufemia