Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not just Purses.

You might remember I recently finished a little project for two important somebodies.  
I'm currently working on a few more for a couple more somebodies special. 
Christmas is coming after all.
I thought I would share with you how to make the sweet little squares,
 to me they look like little byzantine crosses.
It's an old pattern. 
Handed down from our Mom.
So, it is very dear to me and one of my faves.
Love you Mom.

You start with a chain of 6 or 8 (depending on how big your want the center to be)
and join it into a ring.
Chain 4, then triple crochet into the ring.
Repeat three more times.
Chain 5 then start triple crochet , 
join with slip stitch to center and repeat.
When completed fourth set of four triples, 
join last with another slip stitch to the first and then fasten off.

I decided to make more so that my amazing cousin,
 could have something to match her girls.
So I blocked a scarf.
Then stitched them together.

Then added a simple border of single crochet.

I loved the result, mistakes and all.
 I hope she does too!

Here they all are together.
What do you think?

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