Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Completion

What a great feeling when you have been making something and finally finish it!  Not in the way that it feels like it a chore, this doesn't.  When taking care of chores and even work outside the home, it can feel a bit monotonous.  Not to mention, sometimes you can clean something and moments later it's like you never touched it! The wonder of children.  It's a shared joy every mother can appreciate.  I actually don't look forward to the day when everything stays neat.

Anyway, with knitting and crochet, even if I only get a chance to add one line a day, it eventually will be done. It's that wonderful feeling of completion.  I started knitting and crochet for that exact feeling, the feeling of completion, I was hooked! (excuse the pun)

Back to the purses. Yeh, they are done!
You can see that I stitched in a little liner.
Next time I would add a little batting to stabilize it a bit more.

I have wanted to give these to my sweet little nieces for so long.
You might remember some of the progress here.

I'm so excited to have sent these to them!
They are shoulder bags for the early grade school crowd (size-wise).

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